Luciana was born and raised in Brazil, having finished at the top of her with a degree in Business Administration and Hospitality. Luciana built a very successful career for herself in Brazil before moving to America and starting a life here. Before her arrival to the States, she thrived professionally; she was the Manager at of prominent Traffic Control Center for 3 years before setting her sights on a career working at City Hall. In her 5 years of employment there, Luciana was responsible for training new employees, managing all of the administrative work, and tending to various front desk duties.

Luciana is a talented, dedicated, honest, and patient employee. She goes above and beyond to help those around her. Highly organized and self-motivated, Luciana also manages to find time doing things she is passionate about including reading, swimming, and volunteering.

Luciana has always aimed to be the best in everything this does. She is dedicated to continuing her career in real estate and gaining knowledge which will enable to her excel to the next level. Luciana is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese which puts her clients at ease knowing that they don’t need to worry about communication barriers. Cadamex is honored and excited to have a proven professional on the team!